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Alle aktuellen Ableton-Produkte bei Europas Nr. 1 für Musiker Turn MIDI map mode on (Mac: CMD + m, Windows: Ctrl + m). Select the function you wish to map, eg. a volume fader. Move a knob or slider on your controller. The controls are now mapped. Repeat as required for the remaining controls you wish to map. Exit MIDI map mode. For a detailed overview of this, read the Live manual section: MIDI and Key.

Ableton's midi mapping engine is simple to use, here are the steps you need to create a mapping. 1. Turn on MIDI Map Mode. The first thing you need to do is put Ableton into MIDI map mode. To do this, find the MIDI Map Mode Switch (labelled MIDI) which is located in the top menu bar towards the right hand side. When you click this, you'll notice a lot of things turn blue. This means you. Beende den MIDI Map Modus, indem Du wieder auf den gelben MIDI Knopf klickst; Ausführlichere Infos findest Du in unserem Handbuch: Fernsteuerung über MIDI und Rechnertastatur. Beachte: MIDI Mappings können als Teil Deines Standardsets gespeichert werden, damit sie immer verfügbar sind, sobald Du ein neues Set öffnest GET ADVANCED WITH YOUR ABLETON MIDI MAPPINGS. Create your perfect production or perfomance setup. Get started now >> Use the power of MIDI remote scripts to control Ableton Live in ways not possible with the built in MIDI mapping engine. Save and use scripts across all of your sessions. Create scripts for any MIDI Controller. No coding required. As seen on. We Ableton Live's internal mapping. Ableton Lives MIDI mappings are a no brainer - I was so surprised when I started out using Ableton Live how easy it is to set up some MIDI control via external MIDI controller - and especially in my case with electronic drum gear. Just activate the MIDI MAP mode - everything which lights up blue now is 'map-able' - select the parameter you want to map - press your midi controller. If all you want to do is assign a MIDI controller to a plug-in parameter, or automate a plug-in parameter then this is much easier to achieve though using the plug-in's Config screen and Live's MIDI mapping. See Using plug-ins, and custom MIDI mapping. However some plug-ins also support MIDI CC. This means that you can directly control a.

Fernsteuerung über MIDI und Rechnertastatur. Um den Anwender von der Mausbedienung zu befreien, können die meisten Bedienelemente von Live durch einen externen MIDI-Controller und die Rechnertastatur ferngesteuert werden. Dieses Kapitel nennt die Elemente der Bedienoberfläche von Live, denen MIDI-Daten zugewiesen werden können und beschreibt die Details: Slots in der Session-Ansicht. Re: Drums MIDI mapping issue Post by garyboozy » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:56 pm download this .adg file and drop it before your vst. it will change the midi editor to show general midi drum map names on each note. as long as the vst follows gm drum specs they should match up fairly well. this GM Drum MAp file used to be included in old versions of Live but was removed from the core library a few. Ableton MIDI-Mapping funktioniert nicht. von Jedec, 24.09.08. Quick Links. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. Board-Mitarbeiter. MB bei Facebook . Jedec Registrierter Benutzer. Im Board seit: 14.01.08 Zuletzt hier: 30.07.09 Beiträge: 7 Kekse: 10 Erstellt: 24.09.08 #1. Hallo, also ich hab' folgendes Problem: Ich kann gar keine MIDI-Mappings in Ableton erstellen... Bin neu in dem Programm.

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27. MIDI and Key Remote Control. To liberate the musician from the mouse, most of Live's controls can be remote-controlled with an external MIDI controller and the computer keyboard.This chapter describes the details of mapping to the following specific types of controls in Live's user interface Select Minilab MkII in Ableton Live preferences > MIDI > Control Surface; Set the Minilab MkII on the dedicated control surface memory (memory 8) Then, here are the functions that will be mapped on your Minilab MkII when using the memory 8: CONTROL: MAPPING: KNOB 1 KNOB 2 KNOB 3 KNOB 4 KNOB 5 KNOB 6 KNOB 7 KNOB 8 KNOB 9 KNOB 10 KNOB 11 KNOB 12 KNOB 13 KNOB 14 KNOB 15 KNOB 16 PAD 1 to 8 PAD 9. This video is about Midi mapping and how easy it is to do in ableton live. I will also go over some of the midi mapping techniques that i use for workflow. B..

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MIDI-Noten bearbeiten. Ein MIDI-Clip in Live enthält Noten- und Controllerdaten für das Spielen eines MIDI-Instruments. Dieses Instrument kann ein virtuelles Instrument in der Geräte-Kette einer MIDI-Spur (siehe Kapitel 17) oder ein externer Synthesizer sein, der über das Ausgangs-Routing (siehe Kapitel 14) der Spur mit Daten beschickt wird. Ein MIDI-Clip stellt die zu spielende Musik. Start Ableton's MIDI mapping mode by clicking MIDI in the top right, then click on the Smart knob inside of Mapulator. Finally, move the knob on your controller that you want to control Mapulator with, and it should show up in the list of MIDI mappings. Let's continue by creating a simple and useful highpass filtering effect that controls both the frequency and the resonance at the. Ableton tutorials : http://www.adsrsounds.com/category/ableton-live-tutorials/ Ableton Live offers many control options for creative development, arrangement.. Overriding a Control Surface with MIDI mappings. With certain control surfaces it is not even necessary to disable the MIDI Remote Script as described above. Assigning a parameter will override its regular function to allow for a custom assignment. To make a custom assignment see our dedicated article: Creating MIDI Mappings

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Ableton Midi Mapping nur auf aktiver Spur ? Dieses Thema im Forum Ableton Live wurde erstellt von Mickey84, 07.09.18. Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. Mickey84. Registriert seit: 07.09.18 Punkte: 3. hi leute, ich frage mich das jetzt schon seit jahren und finde einfach keine lösung. Viele Mapping-Funktionen bleiben vor allem Neueinsteigern in Ableton Live verborgen. Meist sind sie vom Programm so überwältigt, dass kleine Detail-Funktionen nicht auffallen. Zu denen gehören auch das vielgeschätzte MIDI-Mapping. Man kann beispielsweise einen Track launchen per Controller und auch Szenen können ausgesucht und gestartet werden

2. Create custom MIDI mappings. If there is no control surface available you can create custom MIDI mappings in Live instead. In Live's Preferences → Link MIDI, you need to activate Track and Remote for the input port connected to the controller, and Remote for the output port. Here's how to create custom MIDI mappings ABLETON 1. Download the Midi Fighter Utility, it is an essential tool for configuring and updating your Midi Fighter Midi Fighter Utility OSX - 10.7 or newer; Midi Fighter Utility Windows - Vista 32/64 or newer; 2. Plug in your Midi Fighter 64 via USB (not to a USB hub) and follow the onscreen instructions on the utility. 3. If you need to map your unit to something else than a Drum Rack make.

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[Ableton] Midi-Mapping Newbi-Frage. Dieses Thema im Forum Ableton Live wurde erstellt von Emmsen, 23.02.19. Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. Emmsen. Registriert seit: 12.12.08 Punkte: 2.742. Hallo zusammen, ich habe hier einen Midifighter Twister und den würde ich gern auch in Ableton. In Ableton, go to Preferences ? MIDI Sync. Under MIDI Ports, locate the MPK49, and for all Inputs, set Track to On Sync to Off Remote to ON. The Remote setting will not affect the MPK49's status as a Control Surface, which is setup at the top of this same window: We've included a description of the differences between Remote and Control Surface below. Control Surfaces . Both the APC40 and. In Ableton: - Turn MIDI map mode on by selecting the MIDI button in the top right or using the keyboard shortcut. (Mac: CMD + m, Windows: Ctrl + m) - Select the function you wish to map. E.g Volume Slider. In Dubler: - To MIDI map to a vowel: Simply select the MAP button next to the relevant vowel. That control dial will now be mapped to the selected parameter in Ableton. Either repeat.

Many Ableton Live users know there is a simple and easy MIDI mapping engine available for controlling synths and tracks with any control surface. Map, click, turn, and control! Super easy - but did you know many controllers have more advanced Remote Scripts that give them instant -and more importantly dynamic- control over Live's devices? THE [ This mapping was made for Ableton 9.6 and is fully compatible with the Midi Fighter's sequencer mode. This guide refers to the 2.0 version of this mapping and it will be updated to reflect changes in following versions. Features. Track Select/Solo/Arm/Mute; Track Volume/Pan/Sends; Device control and navigation (On/Off, Next/Prev Bank, Next/Prev Device, Device Lock) Focused Track Controls. Hello, my first attempt at a MIDI mapping for the Kontrol F1 in Ableton. I'm certainly no professional, but couldn't find any others on the net and wanted to have a go at making the F1 work as a standalone controller. Feel free to use as a basic template and modify / re-upload. There are some free plugins used here (not really essential to core functions): * For Filter The Pilgrim http.

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  1. d: - I won't fix or whatever your own scripts here. I'm just the python decompiler here. - I'm not responsible of any of your problems with these scripts. You use them at your own risk - I cannot.
  2. Audio- und MIDI-Spuren in Live dienen wie weiter oben beschrieben (siehe Kapitel 4)dem Beherbergen und Abspielen von Clips. Sie können mit den entsprechenden Befehlen aus dem Erzeugen-Menü jederzeit neue Audio- und MIDI-Spuren zum Mixer Ihres Live Sets hinzufügen. Spuren können auch erzeugt werden, indem man Dateien im Browser doppelklickt, sie selektiert und Enter drückt oder sie aus dem.
  3. The following steps describe how to map the controls of your TRAKTOR KONTROL device to parameters in your Ableton Live Set: Enter the MIDI Mapping mode by clicking on the MIDI button in the upper right corner. Click on a function you want to assign, for example the volume fader of the first Audio track. It is highlighted around it's corners. Move the control element of your choice on your.
  4. Mad Zach's Midi Fighter 3D Ableton Template over 8 years ago: by DJ Techtools: 90 likes, 15 dislikes. 11200 downloads: Viper´s Pioneer DDJ-SX Traktor Mapping V.6.2 almost 8 years ago: by viper9711: 78 likes, 15 dislikes. 10372 downloads: MF3D DeckGratMotion over 8 years ago: by flashflooder: 114 likes, 7 dislikes. 9685 downloads: Pioneer DDJ-RZX Maps Traktor Pro 3.3.0 over 3 years ago: by.
  5. DJTT MIDI Fighter Spectra; DJTT MIDI Fighter 3D; TouchOSC; Handy Links; Mapping Forum; Sign In; Sign Up ; Forum . Popular Forums; General Discussion; Buy and Sell; Reviews ; Mixes and Productions; Music Production; Show your Setup; Off Topic; Handy Links; New Posts; Private Messages; Register; Search ; Account & Help Sign up; Sign in +1 (877) 645-5377; Support; Contact; About; Facebook.
  6. MIDI-Mapping rechts/links in Ableton. Dieses Thema im Forum Ableton Live wurde erstellt von mbravestarr, 26.04.14. Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. mbravestarr. Registriert seit: 26.04.14 Punkte: 6. Hallo zusammen, versuche jetzt schon seit einigen Stunden vergeblich zwei Buttons meines.

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  1. g MIDI signals to pitchbend information in MIDI tracks. It would be useful, but it is not supported. Your controller's knobs probably send MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) data. As Brad pointed out in the comments, modulation is CC 1, but pitchbend is its own type of message. The simplest solution.
  2. Learn more about MIDI mapping your controls; If you want to launch clips in Ableton with your Midi Fighter 3D, download the Midi Fighter 3D Launcher Script. If you are using a Mad Zach Sound Pack we made a great video to show how to easily set them up on Abelton available here
  3. Ableton Midi Mapping. Forum; Ableton Midi Mapping « Back to Previous Page 0 ♥ 0 Hi, new Bome user here. I have been using Bome Midi Translator Pro to setup Push 2 in user mode. I've programmed BMTP so that when I enter user mode all the mapped buttons are backlit and certain buttons will toggle the LED colour when pressed (using global and local variables for each button I need to toggle.
  4. Key Mapping. MIDI controllers cannot only be used to play MIDI instruments, but also to control parameters in Live. This is achieved with MIDI mapping. This is also possible with the computer keyboard in which case it's called Key mapping. Turn on Key mapping by clicking on the Key button in the upper right hand corner of Live or hit Cmd + K (Mac) or Ctrl + K (Windows). Everything that's.
  5. Ableton Live, Midi-(multi)mapping. Dieses Thema im Forum Ableton Live wurde erstellt von MrDee, 15.08.10. Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. MrDee. Registriert seit: 15.08.10 Punkte: 2. Hi there! Es geht um folgendes: Ich möchte einem Parameter in Live (z.B. den Grid-Parameter vom.
  6. 3. Click on the MIDI box on the top right-hand corner again to exit MIDI Mapping in Ableton and you're done! The K1 knob should now control the volume for your instrument track. If it doesn't work right away, turn the knob all the way from left to right and it will engage. Repeat this process for any other knobs or pads you want to MIDI map.

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  1. Hallo Brauche Hilfe von Ableton Usern. Ich benutze eine Keith McMillen QuNeo und und Softstep 2. Ich bin dabei ein Midi Mapping für eine Liveperformance zu erstellen. Nun habe ich ein Problem die Track Navigation zu erstellen. Für die Scene hoch und runter zu navigieren habe ich 2 Cursor..
  2. Usually the simplest solution is to leave Ableton out of the mix altogether and instead save the mapping directly to the VST(i). Same background info: You know the MIDI tab within preferences (with the Track, Sync, and Remote options)? The Remote option means that controller can be mapped by Ableton via the Cmd+M option. The Track option means that the MIDI information is to be directly dumped.
  3. Mit einem Midi-Controller lässt sich Ableton-Live hervorragend und unmittelbar steuern. Um jeden Moment alles unter Kontrolle zu haben, solltet ihr euch eine optimale Abhörsituation verschaffen. Voreinstellungen und Midi-Mapping. Nachdem alles aufgebaut ist und Mikrofon sowie Instrument mit den beiden Inputs der Soundkarte über Mic-in bzw. Line-in verbunden sind und der Midi-Controller.

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Drag & drop an Ableton Live rack in a MIDI track, load instruments or effects in it and distribute their chain zones. Add the KeySwitch & Expression Map device, give names and pitches to your key switches and specify for each the chain value according to the defined chain zones in the rack Turn on MIDI mapping by clicking on the MIDI button in the upper right hand corner of Live or choose Cmd + M (Mac) or Ctrl + M (Windows). Everything that's mappable will now be displayed in blue. Click on the parameter you want to control, then move the knob/fader or hit the key/pad on your device you want to control it with. Repeat the steps with whatever else you want to map. In the Browser. MIDI Mapping in Ableton. Dubler allows you to map both vowels and triggers to certain parameters with your DAW. In this page, we'll look at how to MIDI map parameters in Ableton. First of all, make sure that Dubler is set up correctly as described in our Getting Started with Ableton Live page. In Ableton: - Turn MIDI map [] Categories. 3 Getting Started. 12 Setting up with your DAW. 2.

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LK - Ableton & Midi Controller Complete control of Ableton Live and MIDI devices, with a single, beautiful app. Download. video trailer; description; tutorials; help; Download The MIDI PADS module alone I find worth the cost of entry, even if you're already using another iPad tool for Ableton control. With chord mode, friendly controls, and a built in arpeggiator with sync, plus lots of. Dear internetpeople, I'm having a serious problem with my Oxygen 49. I ve been using it in ableton live for a while now but suddenly i can't use the Midi mapping function anymore... They Keyboard does get recognized and I still can play the different synths or instruments. But I can't rout the Parameters to the fader on the keyboard anymore... Neither in midi mapping modus or when i press midi. Wenn das Template Ableton Live 9 nicht unter Templates aufgeführt ist, klicken Sie auf das Factory Templates Auswahlmenü und wählen Ableton Live 9, um es hinzuzufügen. Einrichtung des MASCHINE MIDI Templates in Ableton Live. Starten Sie Ableton Live. Öffnen Sie die Einstellungen von Ableton Live and gehen Sie zum Reiter Link / MIDI Mpd32+Ableton Midi Mapping. von flea123, 05.06.13. Quick Links. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. Board-Mitarbeiter. MB bei Facebook . Sponsored by . flea123 Registrierter Benutzer. Im Board seit: 28.08.07 Zuletzt hier: 3.03.14 Beiträge: 77 Kekse: 10 Erstellt: 05.06.13 #1. Tach allerseits, ich habe folgendes Problem, und zwar besitze ich Ableton 9 und die Akai Mpd32. Wenn ich nun bei.

Author Topic: Need help with BeatStep and Midi mapping in Ableton (Read 2169 times) wtd03. Newbie; Posts: 2; Karma: 0; Need help with BeatStep and Midi mapping in Ableton « on: April 16, 2015, 08:25:19 pm » I want to use the pads on my beatstep to mute tracks however when I midi map in ableton live the beatstep pad mapping is also assigned to notes on my keyboard. So there fore if I map a. Hi, Ableton Live 10 should not be different then Ableton Live 9 in that respect. In MT Pro, make sure the output port is set to a virtual port (IE Bome Virtual MIDI Port 1), and that you have set up Ableton Live to monitor that same port int the remote MIDI settings input dialog box (it may see it as BMT1) . Then just follow the standard MIDI learn procedure Before you start creating mapping assignments,I do want to point out that there's a preferencethat could really mess you up.So let's go to the live menu,and on a PC you'd go to the options menu,and please choose preferences.Now once you're there, go ahead and click the link MIDI tab.Here on my screen, you'll noticethat we can see the APC40 here,but the one I want to. Ableton MIDI-Mapping. Bevor du nun endlich loslegst, musst du dir noch überlegen, welche der Funktionen oder Effekte in Ableton du gern mit dem Controller bedienen würdest. Das ist eine sehr persönliche Entscheidung und hängt ganz von deinen Bedürfnissen und deinem Geschmack ab. Festgelegte Regeln gibt es für deine Belegung nicht. Was das Mapping in Ableton anbelangt, bietet dir die. MIDI mapping help. I want to assign one knob on my midi keyboard to pan between 3 different tracks, i.e. from left to center would fade between tracks 1 and 2 and from center to right would fade between tracks 2 and 3. Is there anyway to do this in ableton or perhaps max? 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. q&a.

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Midi Fighter 3D MIDI Map - Ableton Mode This document describes the MIDI messages for the Midi Fighter 3D in Ableton Mode. Because of the differences in mapping between Traktor, Ableton, and other software DJTT has created different modes which are optimized for use with particular software. You can set the software mode using the Midi Fighter Utility. The Midi Fighter 3D sends and receives. All manual MIDI, computer keyboard and Macro Control mappings are managed by the Mapping Browser. The Mapping Browser is hidden until one of the three mapping modes is enabled. It will then display all mappings for the current mode. For each mapping, it lists the control element, the path to the mapped parameter, the parameter's name, and the mapping's Min and Max value ranges. The assigned. Setting Up Ableton Live for the MASCHINE MIDI Template. Start Ableton Live. Open Ableton Live's Preferences and go to the Link / MIDI Tab. Assign a free Control Surface slot to your MASCHINE controller by selecting it from the drop-down list. On Mac, choose the Virtual Input corresponding to your controller, e.g. Maschine Studio Virtual Input. On Windows, select the In entry corresponding to. Akai mpk249 not mapping to ableton. I recently bought an Akai mpk249 and am having trouble getting it to work with ableton and serum. I am using a mac and ableton 10 and I have followed all of the instructions. I clicked the x instead of continue when I first plugged in the controller, I changed the control surface, input, and output in Link Midi and turned the track, sync, and remote to on. I.

MIDI mappings will be remembered (but might not match up) even if you connect a different piece of Serato DJ hardware. It is recommended to make a MIDI preset for each different piece of hardware you wish to use otherwise MIDI mappings might not function correctly for each device. Hardware features that cannot be remapped at this stage are the Jogwheels/Platters, Input Switches, Shift buttons. Need help with Midi Mapping. Close • Posted by 13 minutes ago. Need help with Midi Mapping. So im using a launchkey 25 mk2 and a launchkey mini mk3, I mapped the first knobs of the launchkey 25 to a parameter and it works fine, expect that the first knob on the mini also affects the parameter. This happens again when I map any other knobs. Any idea why this is happening and how can I fix it.

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Ableton Live has a macro control mapping function similar to the Reason's Combinator Device. In this tutorial I'll try to explain how to use it on effect devices and control many parameters with one macro knob. In this tutorial we are going to create an Audio Effects Rack which consists of a Filter, a Reverb and a Distortion. We will map multiple parameters of these effects to single Macro. Just like MIDI PADS, this module works in either MIDI or Ableton Live mode. Forget the old school MIDI mapping. In Ableton Live mode, with the learn function you just need to choose assign and change the parameter ready to rock! - Three dimensional parameter tweaking with X/Y PAD. Just like MIDI PADS and MIDI CONTROLLER this module also. iPad App für Ableton Live: touchAble. In touchAble stehen sechs Module zur drahtlosen Steuerung jedes Aspekts von Ableton Live zur Verfügung. Mit den sechs Modulen (Clip-Matrix, Mixer, Geräte, Tasten, Pads und XY-Pad) und den zwei Kommandomenüs (Clip & Transport) bietet touchAble Zugriff auf fast alle Kontrolle der Session-Ansicht in Ableton Live.. Join Rick Schmunk for an in-depth discussion in this video, MIDI mapping, part of Ableton Live 10 Essential Training Midi mapping allows DJs to create custom controller mappings that are unique to their workflow or performance and it is what has made things like the Midi Fighter Instant Gratification mapping possible with Traktor. It can be intimidating to create a mapping so today Ean Golden is going to walk through the basics of making a simple midi mapping. Midi mapping is really the secret sauce for.

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Kompatibel mit Ableton Live 10 (oder neuer). Ableton Live 10 Lite ist enthalten. Launchkey hat volle Integration in Logic und Reason und ist auch mit anderen DAWs wie Studio One, Cubase und Pro Tools dank HUI sofort einsatzbereit. Launchkey kann auch als Standard-MIDI-Controller eingesetzt werden hab mir jetzt Ableton 9 zugelegt, weil Pro Tools so abnervt und ich würd jetzt gerne mein Behringer BCF2000 Midi Controller damit zum laufen bringen. Es klappt schon so halb, aber ich möchte vor allem mit dem Controller die Mix Sektion in Ableton steuern. Bisher reagieren nur einige Podis von Plugins, wahllos angesteuert so sieht es aus. Hat. MIDI controllers cannot only be used to play MIDI instruments, but also to control Turn on Key mapping by clicking on the Key button in the upper right hand corner of Live or hit Cmd. Program name: Ableton Live 10 (Productivity) Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation for Windows and macOS. start with a new Live session, go into midi map mode and map ur track faders to the knobs/sliders on.

Although Ableton Live can be comfortably navigated with just a mouse and keyboard, using a MIDI controller can open up further expression in your performances and recording. In this Ableton Live Tutorial, Liam O'Mullane teaches you everything you need to know about MIDI Map mode, demonstrating how to deploy it effectively across all MIDI controllers, as well as Ableton Push 2 Mapping MIDI buttons to control Ableton Live's tempo A friend of mine recently tipped me off to a nice trick in Ableton Live. For a long time I've been searching for a nice way to control tempo via a MIDI controller, and have found it amazingly difficult to do this. Fortunately, there is an easy (but non-intuitive) trick you can use to map two MIDI buttons such that pressing each button will.

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Map anything in Ableton Live's Browser to MIDI, keyboard with Max for Live. Peter Kirn - January 2, 2020. Add comment. Share . Tweet. Get push-button access to your favorite stuff in Ableton Live with this clever Max for Live tool. Continuing our new year look at some of the coolest Max for Live stuff, flowstate has come up with a tool that lets you map anything in Live's Browser. If you. The Ableton Live Packs for the LIVE REMIX CONTESTS have a rack with 32 sounds which map onto 2 banks of 16. This mapping implements 2 banks. Bank 1 is on by default. To switch to the second bank, just press the SHIFT key on the X1. Press it again to change back to the first bank Ableton MIDI mapping. Artefact2001. November 2019 in Off-topic. Been trying to figure out mapping MIDI controllers to ableton instruments and a VSTs. From what I've read this seems only to be possible by creating templates and mapping the midi to Lives macros, rather than global mapping that works on the fly. I then came across this intriguing quote in computer music magazine: Anyone know. I'm trying to automate the monitor for a track in Ableton Live 10. I couldn't find automation for monitoring so I tried to use Midi mappings (with software Midi driver). The problem comes when I can't map each button of the monitor options, I mean, I can map only one Midi note to the entire monitor control (in, auto, off) and when the Midi note. Open TRAKTOR and select your Generic MIDI mapping from the Device list in the Controller Manager. Click on the Out-Port field and select the port name corresponding to your MIDI interface. In our example, we have selected Traktor Audio 10 from the drop-down list. 4. Sending Out the MIDI Clock Signal. Next, you'll learn how to configure the Master Clock panel in TRAKTOR for sending out the MIDI. Control surface scripts are a little known feature of Ableton Live which MIDI controllers use to connect to deeper functionality than regular mapping mode is capable of. Why not write these scripts yourself? Script writing is largely undocumented, frustrating and extremely time consuming